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Liberating Your Radiant Gifts and Purpose to Prosper the World!

A Space and Place for “Deliberate Dreaming”

2.  photo_35923_20110329So let’s get Streamin’ and Dreamin’!

We’ll take just a minute to shine a bright light on what we’re really up to here, what we mean when we say “deliberate dreaming.”  For the moment, I’m using these phrases interchangeably:  Deliberate dreaming, Awake dreaming, Conscious dreaming.

So, you ask, “What the heck is deliberate or conscious dreaming, anyway?”  Get ready for a139692-20131112 refreshing, awakening, delightful experience.  Deliberate or Conscious Dreaming is as  much fun as going out for an ice cream cone and tasting a scrumptious new flavor, or going for a walk in the woods, and having all of your senses kissed by the the enveloping sounds and sights and fragrances of nature.  It’s a truly sweet, expansive event.  It might be easiest to explain Conscious Dreaming by making some comparisons.

Dreaming while sleeping is random images and experiences arising, subject to what your subconscious mind brings up.  It may be a mixture of sometimes hidden emotions and significant symbolic experiences.  What comes up in sleeping dreams is possibly not as clear when you’re awake, and may need a little attention to “unmask the message.”

Daydreaming:  Happens while you’re awake.  Usually we mean a kind of wistful, playful, random and a little “lost in outer space” kind of dreaming, perhaps an escape into a wishful thinking, fanciful place, not so connected to reality or your life as you know it.

DELIBERATE DREAMING, on the other hand, is NOT random.  It is:

  • Intentionally choosing to “let your imagination go,” spotlighting a specific area of your life you want to enliven
  • For example, focused on a desired relationship, a new home, a perfect job, owning a new solo-business, a habit you’re changing, a recreational or travel experience, etc.
  • Imaginative and fun, letting your intuitive powers bring up nuances and possibilities sometimes unseen by your daily brain
  • More of a “planned excursion with potential surprises,” and not an escape
  • Experiences that are very possible, and usually welcomed in your day-to-day life.
  • Open and delighting in ideas and connections not seen until now

Setting up the TIME SPACE

Since this is a “planned excursion” of the imaginative and dreaming mind, you’ll want to set aside a special uninterrupted TIME for you to explore this fun and enlightening activity.  If you’re pretty experienced at relaxing and visualizing on cue, 5-10 minutes could be all you need.  If you’re newer to delberately dreaming, you’ll benefit most by setting aside 15-20 minutes.


photo_6647_20090601A little bit of “environment to set the mood” will go a long way in setting up success for your dreaming.  When you get into your dreaming time, it’s like you walk into a magical kingdom right within your very own being.  Here you have access to your imagination, your emotions, your logical mind, your intuition, all of your senses . . . . and the best part. . . they are all connected, integrated, working together on your behalf to bring you the best ideas ever!  So, a tranquil, undistracted place is wonderfully conducive to your dreaming experience.  You can choose a little quiet nook right inside your own home, like a comfy sofa, a cushy chair, a cozy fireside, a luxurious bath.  Or, you can choose a wonderful outdoor space in touch with nature, a garden park bench, a nearby stream or pond or lake, a gazebo, maybe your own backyard patio or deck . . . a place to soothe your senses, and tantalize your spirit!

Now, you know what we mean by Deliberate or Conscious Dreaming, and how important it is to create a time and space for it.

Next time, I’ll share with you my four simple, but essential steps to take your Deliberate Dreaming from beginning to joyful success.

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Dreams: Dalliance or Diamonds?

So where do you stand?  Is “dreaming” about the experiences you want in your life a waste of time, a dawdler’s airy hopes and illusions?  Or is dreaming so valuable that success and happiness can’t survive without it?

Carl Sandburg, author and poet, said “NOTHING happens, but first a dream.  Strong words!  I guess we know where he stands.  Dreams are ESSENTIAL for ANYTHING  to happen!  Why?  Awake dreams are the sweet blueprint, forged in mind and heart and soul, that brings color and shape and feeling and action into being, our first creation of what we want, the Vision we follow with sighted motivation.

Our conscious dreams have invention, energetic enthusiasm, yearning and intuition.  They pull us forward to new satisfaction and new solutions when all else fails.

1.  Dreams KEYWhat are YOUR dreams?  Career, Family/Friends, Home, Travel, Service, Abundance?  What’s in YOUR Dream Stream?  Are you a believer or a naysayer when it comes to encouraging yourself to dream?  Do you KNOW what your dreams are, really?  Can you see them, feel them, verbalize them, imagine them complete?

As a mentor /coach /trainer, I am often reminded that large percentages of people do NOT clearly know their dreams, don’t really know what they’re truly passionate about, do NOT know their own Gifted Talents to put into dynamic motion, or what their Full Dream and Purpose is.  They’re missing the juicy, deliciousness of what could be.  They often have goals, but so often not dreams. They WANT to, but they often don’t have the encouragement to soar, or the navigating beacon to light up their flight.

I should know.  I was one of those people who didn’t have clear dreams.  You see, I came from a good family, like tons of other people, good – but essentially  feet-on-the-ground-practical.  We had our expected tasks, and I set out to fulfill those responsibilities.  I don’t have a memory of being asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or being encouraged with “You can DO or BE anything you want.”

It took me longer to come to understand the merits and miracles of “deliberately dreaming.”  But, when I got it, that dreaming and imagining are the fertile seeds of growing super experiences to come,  my life took off in exhilarating directions and accomplishments.  I became a dreamin’ diva!  And now, well, some people even call me “Dream Jeannie” because I’ve become an expert at helping people discover their deepest and most meaningful dreams, and guiding them, especially in Careers, to put their Dreams and Talents and Purpose into magnificent, prosperous action.

Stay tuned!  In our journey ahead, we’ll look at:3.  163758-20130919

  • WHAT to dream about to get great results
  • BENEFITS of conscious dreaming
  • HOW to do it so that it really works
  • USING dreaming for Career Breakthroughs
  • WHAT gets in our way
  • HOW to get past the blocks, and
  • LOTS of fun stuff.

Malcom Forbes, one of the world’s wealthiest men, said, “If you cease to dream, you cease to live.”  Well, we’re going to LIVE with gusto.  Get ready to awaken to some new dreaming delights!